The Ecosystem Token
$PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 1 billion. Players will earn $PLYNM through games in the Cyber Legends ecosystem, rewards and staking.
Our vast network of partners and educational institutions will use $PLYNM - in conjunction with the Record of Achievement NFT - to lower risk and boost marketing.
$PLYNM will also be accepted as payment for study by our national and global educational partners and give holders exclusive discounts on educational out-of-game content.
The Cyber Legends Liquidity Cycle


$PLAYNIUM Treasury (Cyber Legends)

  • Manages partnership with Educational institutions and technology companies.
  • Partnership with Edtech, and gaming companies.
  • Manage and maintain staking buckets and rewarding activities.

Game Universe

  • $PLAYNIUM will launch with the Cyber Legends game and the Cyber Safety NFTs - Record of Achievement and Family Key.
  • The Game Universe supports additional Edtech and gaming companies who are looking to reward their players with $PLAYNIUM and proof-of-learn NFTs.
  • Partners will benefit from integrating their platforms into web3 and implementing a proven blockchain strategy.
  • The Game Universe will reward players with Proof of Learn NFTs and $PLAYNIUM.


  • Players can access all Edtech and game company partners that use $PLAYNIUM.
  • Players earn $PLAYNIUM in the Cyber Legends Game Universe.
  • Players mint Proof-of-Learn NFTs on completion of defined learning paths in Cyber Legends and other Edtech games/solutions. $PLAYNIUM is used for mint, and subsequently burnt.


  • Holders in this ecosystem can hold $PLAYNIUM and Proof-of-Learn NFTS.
  • Holders can stake $PLAYNIUM with the treasury and earn rewards.
  • Holders can get discounts and other incentives on enrolment in degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by partner institutions and companies via the Educational Marketplace.

Educational Marketplace

  • Partner educational institutions will receive students who are cyber aware, therefore reducing their institutional risk.
  • Institutional risk costs these entities millions in lost revenue every year. Cyber Legends will close that gap.
  • Partners will also benefit from free marketing and exposure.

Further $PLAYNIUM Utility

  • Exclusive gaming and educational content.
  • In game premium currency for NFT assets, player upgrades, skins, accessories and avatar customization.
  • $PLAYNIUM will fuel the P2E PVP multiplayer game.
  • Future NFT drops.
  • The Cyber Legends Academy.
  • Staking.