What Is Cyber Legends
“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” - Alfred Mercier
At the intersection of EdTech, online gaming and traditional education, Cyber Legends is on a mission to help raise safe children in a digital world. As the world's first educational ecosystem combining Proof-of-Learn (POL) and a model of Learn+Play&Earn (LP&E), the journey has already begun.
We created Cyber Legends to ensure every child, with access to a computer and an internet connection, can have a world-class cyber safety education and access our innovative LP&E gaming model, while giving parents the opportunity to partially finance the future education of their children.
Powered by an international network of educational institutions and EdTech partners, a team of highly experienced teachers, the ERC-20 token PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM) and national curriculum-aligned gameplay, the Cyber Legends ecosystem will also reduce the cyber security skills gap in our schools. Lastly, it will enable educational institutions to reduce their risk from cyber-attacks and lack of digital education in their students.
Cyber Legends is more than a game - it is an educational infrastructure which will accompany a child from their first day at pre-school, to their graduation and beyond.
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