Gaming Industry
Unlimited Opportunity
Video games are emotional, engaging and fun. They can induce fear, happiness, sadness, intrigue and surprise. They cross cultural, linguistical, political and religious divides. Unlike anything else, they bring people together.
Not only did Covid-19 bring Edtech into the global consciousness, it radically changed the day-to-day lives of people across the globe. As lockdowns and restrictions limited opportunities for interaction outside the home, people looked for new forms of entertainment. Billions turned to gaming. According to Newzoo, who valued the games industry at $180.3 billion in 2021, three billion in fact.
However, new research from BITKRAFT - one of gaming’s top venture firms - puts the global market size at nearer $335.5 billion - nearly $160 billion, or 90% higher than Newzoo’s estimate.
With half of humanity involved in gaming in one way or another, an exact number is impossible to pin down. What is clear is the sheer scale of the industry and the opportunities available within this space.
The gaming industry continues to grow like no other
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