"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
Education is the heartbeat of progress and our best chance to make the world more open, free and prosperous. To do so, it has to be available to everyone.

An Integrated Educational Ecosystem For The World

Cyber Legends is a vast and integrated educational ecosystem which will give every child and teacher, no matter their economic, political or cultural background, access to a cyber security education.

Premium Educational Content

Although much of the content is free, in order for Cyber Legends to continue building an extensive library of teaching materials, multiplayer games, classroom resources and our plans for more edutainment products, there is an extensive range of premium content, accessible via the NFT Family key or a monthly subscription.
The Cyber Legends Teacher Dashboard
In this section we will explore the free teaching resources and cyber safety curriculum, as well as giving you more details on the premium coding, financial literacy and digital health content. The final section will outline how the Cyber Legends curriculum aligns with existing international standards in the USA and Canada.