"An Educational Paradigm Shift."
Learn+Play&Earn (LPE) is a new gaming and educational paradigm pioneered by Cyber Legends which combines education, entertainment and blockchain technology.
Adapted to age range, curriculum and needs, LPE is educational gaming with real financial, cultural, societal and educational gain.
Utilizing the power of NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain and gaming, Learn+Play&Earn is an investment in your children’s future like no other.
Blockchain has the capacity to change education. We have to utilise it.

Learn+Play&Earn Gives Opportunity To Parents and kids

  • Save and invest in post-secondary educational costs via our network of institutions
  • Unlock financial opportunity by playing a game which educates while it entertains
  • Use in-game earnings to pay for the education of those less privileged
  • Access a web3 education which gives children a huge advantage in the future job market
  • Use $PLYNM to pay for college and university admission
  • Use EdTech and institutional partnerships for exclusive educational content
In-game Image
In-game Image
In-game image
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