Gameplay highlights
Cyber Legends is a story-driven RPG adventure where learning, battling, education and cyber security are paramount to the protection and rebuilding of a planet. Think Animal Crossing meets The Legend of Zelda meets Secret of Mana with cyber security and a web3 education built in.
As they conquer the game, kids will be mastering passwords, learning to code and how to deflect fake news. As they use their diplomacy and building skills, they will learn password security, social media management and how to look after their precious personal data. Learning to stay safe and build the skills for a future in Web3 has never been so fun and engaging to kids.

The Story

The planet of TerraPlan4 is held hostage to the whims of unhinged cyber-criminal Lord Hacker, the villainous leader of a robot army who cowardly wreaks havoc on the world with his unique, and quite frankly, evil cyber-attacks. No one is safe, morale is low, buildings are empty and dilapidated, communication and travel infrastructure lie in ruins. Station 66, the once vibrant centre of the planet, needs a hero.
The Evil Lord Hacker reigns over Terraplan 4 and Station 66
You are the Hero, and you have a big task on your hands. How do you defeat the mighty Lord Hacker and return safety and happiness back to the planet? How do you reignite the economy, reconnect the communities and secure the computer systems exposed to the hacks?
Education my friends. Education, interaction, fun and a high pressure hose.
Armed with close and long range attack weapons, vehicles to zoom around the planet surface, friends to push and inspire you, hoverboards, well, because everyone wants a hoverboard, knowledge and a passion for gaming, kids learn the skills and behaviours they need to stay safe online as they battle enemies and rid Terraplan4 of its evil overlords.
In game Image
In-game image
In-game image

Educational Gameplay

Education is gamified in Cyber Legends. Through narrative quests designed to engage with points on aligned curriculums, and hundreds of mini-games (called Learning Tasks), the gameplay loop is extended beyond the narrative content and offers a life changing cyber education.
The learning tasks, whilst educating, push the game story forward. In short, by completing the tasks, players make the characters of Cyber Legends happy. That is not as easy as it sounds because everyone on Terraplan 4 and Station 66 is really down in the dumps.
They are victims of cyber hacks, their anti-virus has been breached, on-line bullies harass them and they use the same password for every account. Kids solve these issues, restore password protection, fight the bugs and save the day. As they progress, they learn about cyber safety, unlock more content and take a step closer to defeating Lord Hacker. Forever.
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