There are many things which could change the Cyber Legends Roadmap: success, a changing market, feedback from our educational partners and the Cyber Legends Community, how the world adapts to remote learning as we leave Covid and more. We will update the Roadmap as and when these improvements arise.
2021 was all about building a team, seeding the investment required, creating a “Proof of Concept” and vetting our assumptions around the problem we are solving. 2022 is all about building a community around our goal of protecting children and finding “Product Market Fit”.
Specifically, we have milestones around “Family Key” NFT launch, blockchain integration, conversion from freemium user to paid, user acquisition via referral, distribution through elementary school adoption, teacher satisfaction with curriculum and game active use metrics and child curriculum competency. With these milestones proven we believe we will enter 2023 with a goal of scaling the business.
Many things in 2022 so far are tracking well toward our goal of proving out “Product Market Fit”.
Q2 2022:
  • Cyber Legends single player game Master release (grades 1 to 3)
  • Blockchain integration
  • Parental resources (at home learning videos and supplementary resources)
  • Launch of our V2 parental and educator portal
  • Child competency based reporting
  • School and home Certifications and Badging
  • Kick off development of single player game for grades 4 to 8
  • PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM) Token Seed Funding round
Q3 2022:
  • Kick off of Cyber Legends School Clubs - Play the game in school
  • PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM) Token Strategic Funding round
Q4 2022:
  • Partnership development with educational institutions, EdTech companies, and major technology companies
  • Single player game grades 4 to 8
  • Family Key NFT pre-sale
  • PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM) Token Private Funding round
  • Multiplayer game release
  • Public Token release
  • Family Key NFT public sale
  • Multiplayer & Single player NFT drop
  • Family Wallet
  • Children Series TV show pilot development
  • Single player game financial literacy subject for grades 1 to 8
  • Porting Cyber Legends game (single player and multi-player) to IOS and Android
  • Single player game Cyber Security subject for grades 9 to 12 release
  • Children Series TV show season 1
  • Merchandising Program - Toys / Clothes / Books / Cyber Safety Board Game / Action figures
  • Pre-school educational mobile application - Teaching kids 5 to 7 years old about numbers, letters, math, coding and cyber safety.
  • Post secondary educational marketplace
  • Partnered with hundreds of businesses, EdTech companies, and educational institutions who are using, accepting PLAYNIUM ($PLYNM)
  • Porting Cyber Legends game (single player and multiplayer) to consoles: xbox, etc
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