Game Curriculum
Learning Highlights
Cyber Legends addresses the major issues which afflict both internet natives and children experiencing the internet for the first time.
All educational content is based around The Cyber Legends 6 Pillars.
The 6 pillars of the Cyber Legends curriculum are the philosophy around which the quests, tasks, resources and educational gameplay of the game are based. The pillars are grounded in knowledge, positivity and security and designed to give the most efficient, useable and cyber safe education on the market.

Be Cyber Positive

Understand how to safely and respectfully navigate a changing digital landscape. We cover how to navigate social media, exposure to strangers and sharing content online.

Be Cyber Kind

It is important kids learn how relationships evolve online. In this module, we cover how language, truthfulness, and perception shape digital safety and wellbeing.

Be Cyber Informed

Given all of the misinformation available, kids must learn how to interpret information critically. We develop the skills to help kids ask important questions and judge information based on factual merit.
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Be Cyber Secure

Kids need to comprehend how cybercriminals take advantage of an increasingly complex digital world. Here they learn to identify criminal activities and reduce exposure to cyber threats.

Be Cyber Safe

Security settings differ between every app and website, so it is important that kids learn to identify red flags. In this module, we help kids understand protecting your private information goes beyond just having a strong password.

Be Cyber Healthy

The digital world has changed how young people experience relationships online. In this module we teach kids how to engage in healthy relationship building, the warning signs and what is inappropriate content.
The Cyber Legends curriculum is, like our children, evolving and expanding all the time. More units and subjects are being added, courses adapted, tech updated and new resources made available, both for the free and premium players.